TdF 2012: Special Jersey Edition

Why, oh why, could Wiggins not have won the British champs again this year? The ideal of three bad-ass champions jersey on the super minimalist Sky kit was too much to hope for.

My money isn’t on Wiggins…but I’d have no problem with him winning. I’m just stoked to have a TdF without Andy Schleck and Alberto Contador.



Cycling Inquisition: Racing in MedellĂ­n

Cycling Inquisition, as he so often does, kills it with a race report from Colombia. Great line:

The Sky Cycling Team has a much talked-about bus, which is probably worth more than the GNP of Colombia. Im sure that bus is great, particularly since its wi-fi capability allows Wiggins to shop online for new cravats.


via Cycling Inquisition.