Oddly Named Wallets

My buddy Yash over at japanesecyclocross seems to be a convert to the Jimi wallet . I’ve been intrigued, but experimented earlier with the All-Ett (the self-proclaimed “thinnest wallet in the world”). There were two basic problems with the All-Ett:

1. NOISE – the thing is made from “spinnaker” nylon, which is basically like Tyvek but shinier and a bit more rigid.

2. Holding stuff – the nylon is not rigid enough on its own to really hold its shape. I had the “original” model and, over time, it would sort of flop open once I got it out and was reaching for a card. Astute readers might be thinking, “Isn’t a wallet simply a piece of material designed to hold cards/money/receipts?” The answer, of course, is “yes” and thus the All-Ett, technically speaking, did not really function as a wallet.

So, basically with the All-Ett you sound like a complete tool reaching for your “wallet” and then, once you have everyone’s attention, many/most of your cards fall to the floor.

On the plus side, it is super light and super thin.

All-Ett has now added a number of new models to the line, and they also offer leather versions. I think this may be the crucial fix to the mk.1 problems…and perhaps will make mk. 2 the ultimate Jimi-killah. Actually, the Jimi is really doing something else entirely, so I think we would have the riding (jimi) wallet and the About Town (all-ett euro leather) wallet.