Bliggity Blog and the Importance of “Sane RSS Usage”

After months of spiraling and self-reinforacing guilt-shame over lack of attention to BB here (and, I’m sure, the disappointment of at least a small handful of individuals throughout the world) a recent “debate” about RSS usage kicked my ass back into “self-actualized” mode with this blog. This should be good for at least a few posts in the next month, before some other (non)catastrophe leads to yet another blogapocalypse on BB.

First, a brief tip of the hat the tech warriors debating the utility of RSS feeds. Ars Technica’s Jacqui Cheng goes so far as to call RSS “poison”, at least in so far as clogging up your reader with high-traffic feeds defeats the very purpose of having a centralized place for content dumps. Marco Arment, on the other hand, makes a good case for sane RSS usage, arguing that RSS is perfect for, ahem, er….well, blogs that are infrequently updated, and perhaps not worth reading in the first place. Of course, the real take-home point/factoid from the Ars Technica article is that some poll reports only 6% of American’s actually use RSS in the first place. Given that BB has always run on a quality over quantity ethos in the domains of both content and readership, I’m good with that.

The really pathetic thing about my serial abandonment of the blog is that I’ve got, I think, 4-5 posts in draft form currently saved. I even write stuff and then put it aside! I am hoping that this new era of being a tenured professor will also usher in better blog discipline. In theory, I should now feel liberate in my working life, able to parse out my writing efforts across student grading and communication, my own scholarly work and correspondence (the latter of which, I have come to realize over the past 10 years, is absolutely foundational to intellectual and professional development but is also enormously time-consuming), as well as steady blogging here at BB. Right now the more mundane and utterly draining communication for administrative stuff (override numbers to classes, planning the course schedule for next semester, etc.) leaves me feeling like there will never be any time for stretching the brain out a bit….but I always tend to feel overwhelmed at the start of a semester.

But, I could at least get these drafts converted over to the published column, right?



The Armstrong Effect

Through some various links through links, came across this crazy post:

Lance Armstrong: He’s Earned More Than Bad Press « Bikezilla

Yes, the guy sounds a bit paranoid in so far as he attributes changes in visits to his blog with manipulation behind the scenes…but kind of interesting nonetheless….


Getting This Party Started Right

After holding off for some time, I’ve decided to rededicate myself to the blog idea.  Not the blog itself, mind you: I never even got going on it before deciding I was tired of it already.  Anyway, this will at least make Yash happy, and maybe somebody else will read on occasion.  Ideally the blog would be updated about three times a week….but we’ll see how that goes. More than that – or even maybe at three times a week – may well mean scraping the bottom o’ the barrel of my mind. Time will tell.