Confusing Pro Jerseys: TdF 2011 Edition

Old stuff, I know, but relevant as we all try to figure out who is chasing Contador over the next three weeks of TdF action. Flandria Cafe points out the painfully obvious (that’s not a knock on the site!): some of the biggest teams this season have jerseys that are, for all intents and purposes, IDENTICAL! Definitely worth a read.

But, what really makes it worth a visit is this incredible graphic of old national team and trade team jerseys from the TdF. [Yes, the Tour de France was raced by national teams for a number of years, before trade teams really became viable]. I am actually going to see about having this blown up to create an office poster.

TdF National Team Jerseys

TdF Trade Team Jerseys

via Flandria Cafe



Cycling Regrets: Low Countries Edition

One of the biggest regrets from my cycling career is never to have won the Dutch national championships. Or, more precisely, it is to have never worn the Dutch national champion’s jersey the entire following season. This isn’t even a particularly good picture:

2 Great Jerseysbb

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Cycling Kit: French Edition

For whatever reason, got a bit carried away tonight looking over the world of French amateur clubs and racing. Mainly looking for cool kit – of which there is plenty on offer. Plenty of ugly stuff as well, of course. A current favorite is the recently-jumped-to-pro Bretagne-Schuller team, but I’ve also liked the Cotes d’Armor kit for a few years as well (for some good shots, check this out).

This gives a good feel for the Bretagne-Schuller kit, with a bonus shot of the venerable top-tier Vendee U club kit as well:


Another good kit shot, which also shows a guy who is, for my taste, looking just about perfect as a bad-ass bike racer:


I’ll keep looking, and posting.