Cool Bike: Sans F-Bomb

A few shots of my new ride, the “no-name” Origin8 29er. Started life as a low-end, but nice, steel 29er frame, but the prior owner (who apparently won the Michigan State Single Speed Championships on this rig) had it bead blasted and powder coated, along with the stem and fork. Fork is a Surly, stem is Salsa. Parts are mainly older Shimano XTR (952 era), but brand new XT dual-control levers with hydraulic discs and LX calipers. Thomson Elite post and hard-as-nails, ass-killer (but high-end!) Bontrager saddle. I’ve got some more hybrid-y tires in the basement, and those will probably go on soon for combo road/trail riding.

This bike was a steal – $500 shipped! (I had to buy the dual control levers and calipers….but I made that money back selling the original brakeset and shift pods) I need different bars and a longer stem, but can pick those up super cheap. I’d really, really like to try the new Titec/Jones J-Bar, but they haven’t been out long enough for the good deals to emerge.



Cool Bike: Thunderf%$!er Edition

Hopefully the first in a long line of links to bikes I’m finding cool right now. Slightly NSFW (I’ve always wanted to say that!), here is “thunderfucker.” This is a bit of the vibe I’m going for with the new Origin8 (pictures to come in the next few days): the go anywhere, urban flaneur model.


thunderfucker reincarnate

at ya