A New Project & Blog!

As bliggityblog floats un-updated out here in the blogosphere, I’m turning my attention to a new research project and blog. Fear not, though, as this one is still cycling focused! You can find it over at handbuildingvalue.com. While established a while back, I have more recently been putting up some posts outlining this new project. Hope to see you there!



It’s December. Time for a Post!

With about 21 days left on the clock, why not get on the board for 2013? Yes, the last post here was December, 2012. Such high hopes I had, a year ago. And it was a great year – London happened, but didn’t turn out to be the kick in the pants I’d hoped for Bliggity Blog. Now another semester done, back here in the regular routine, albeit with added administrative duties. Still not enough writing, either. That’s where some of the hope for the blog comes in. While I obviously didn’t get to it this year, I’m still planning to use this blog as an ideabook/drafty writing place, for thoughts of all sorts, but mainly centered on a new project about handmade bike builders and the global bike industry I’ve been cooking up. I mainly need a space to draft things out, but with some kind of public accountability and, ideally (though I have no idea of how this would happen with a blog visited by 5 people most days) feedback! More on that later, though….

In fact, I’ll go a step further toward “accountability” and say this: there will definitely be one more post before the end of 2013!


Still Waters, Running Deep?

To the creaky sound of RSS readers finding new content, Bliggity Blog emerges from deep storage in the final days of 2012.


For one, as a place to hopefully get rolling with this new project on hand-made bike builders I alluded to in July. If I go that route, Bliggity Blog would become a more public (e.g. connected to me by actual name) space for draft material and posts on work-in-progress. Essentially a way to work through the project, maybe even with some feedback, rather than just collecting materials/data/information, digesting it and then going directly into writing for academic publication.

Another, more immediate, purpose for Bliggity Blog might be as a travel blog of sorts. The greater BB family departs for a semester in London in the first week of January, returning early in May. This will be a very busy four months, but I will not be teaching during this time. So, it will be a different kind of busy. I’m hoping it will be the kind of busy that might get me back to tossing up more random thoughts, reports on stuff from daily life in London, cycling style rants, academic musings, etc. I don’t really want to use the blog as a personal/family/friend photo repository, especially since I might make the blog more public in the future. But maybe the London trip and the modest amount of scholarly work I’m expected to get done during that time will get me back on BB routinely.

The one thing driving me batty in all this however, is my never-ending search for an ideal blog theme. I have tried so many damn themes, and the more I do this, the more frustrated I seem to get.

[For instance: look at this crappy thing I’m running now. Why would the blog title be in a smaller size than a blog post title? How does this make sense?]

I’ve considered switching over to squarespace, for instance, because this would give me more customization options. Paying even upwards of $90 a year doesn’t seem too crazy for your own domain and a decent, clean blog. But then I lose the massively value “bliggityblog” here on wp.com! This blog, I will have you know, somehow “attracts” around 7-13 individual viewers every day, despite being updated every 6-7 months. And you want me to take that and flush it down the toilet?! Starting from scratch?! I just might do it. But then do I stick with Bliggity Blog? If I get a new domain name, what the hell would it be?