Anti-“Music of the Day”: Steely Dan

Lots of deliberation going on behind the scenes here at BB, centered on an intriguing but not particularly appealing possibility of returning to BB’s region of origin.

I’ve been going through someone else’s iTunes library on the shared JMU network, trying to move through the Steely Dan discography.

I used to think Steely Dan was the ultimate douche-tard group, appealing to an upscale Jimmy Buffett style fan base (basically attorneys and doctors with bad taste, whereas Buffett always seems like the for small business owners and the petit bourgeoisie).

I still believe this.

But, all that having been said, how did Steely Dan manage two kick-ass songs? My Old School and Dirty Work are damn good. Now that I’m saying it, this completely fits with the old adage: even a stopped clock is right twice a day.



Music of the Day: More Yoakam!

Aw, hell; if I’m going to post the Yoakam/Owens duet, I may as well post the next song from that performance as well (and a Yoakam classic). Feels like a requiem for my recent California dreaming.


via Dwight Yoakam – Buenos Noches From A Lonely Room.

Music Biz: Old Money Edition

The Hip-Hop Hypocrisy of Chick Guevara: or, Boringly Bourgeois in Brentwood with the Bronfmans (Bang-Bang)

I know this sounds like an exaggeration, but I seriously was waiting this week to see the Readers’ Comments section on this NY Times Magazine piece on M.I.A. Comments such as this one made it all worthwhile!

They released the piece earlier this week and I read a bit, until I got bored. Do I need another illustration that the best way to “make it” in the music biz (read: anywhere in the arts) is to marry into old money?


via M.I.A.’s Agitprop Pop – Readers’ Comments –