It’s December. Time for a Post!

With about 21 days left on the clock, why not get on the board for 2013? Yes, the last post here was December, 2012. Such high hopes I had, a year ago. And it was a great year – London happened, but didn’t turn out to be the kick in the pants I’d hoped for Bliggity Blog. Now another semester done, back here in the regular routine, albeit with added administrative duties. Still not enough writing, either. That’s where some of the hope for the blog comes in. While I obviously didn’t get to it this year, I’m still planning to use this blog as an ideabook/drafty writing place, for thoughts of all sorts, but mainly centered on a new project about handmade bike builders and the global bike industry I’ve been cooking up. I mainly need a space to draft things out, but with some kind of public accountability and, ideally (though I have no idea of how this would happen with a blog visited by 5 people most days) feedback! More on that later, though….

In fact, I’ll go a step further toward “accountability” and say this: there will definitely be one more post before the end of 2013!



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