Apologia, Ad Infinitum


Anyhow, just had to get something up here as a placeholder on the BB. Usual excuses for not writing apply as always: work, life, etc. The real thing this semester is that I am teaching a brand new course. This is invigorating in many respects, but it also means you actually have to read everything you’ve assigned! More than once, in fact. Often more than twice! [To be clear: I always read things I’ve assigned. However, once you’ve read things 3-4 times for a standard class, you don’t really have to go back to the text as often or in such depth]

Teaching new stuff is meant, at least in theory, to also invigorate one’s scholarly mind and ambitions as well. Thus far, it has mainly caused me a lot of anxiety. But also fun stuff and challenges. And, then, out of the blue the other day, maybe even some real scholarly invigoration. This will hopefully be the source of a more extended post in the relatively near future (and may become something of a new focus for Bliggity Blog in the coming year) but, here is the gist of it: I am thinking my next “project” or stream of research will focus on handmade bike builders. Basically there are a number of threads that can be pulled through the general domain of handmade builders (markets vs. capitalism, innovation and market niches, production in the “North” of the world-economy) and I am fairly well situated to do it – based on my own knowledge, experience, connections and so forth. I want to do something next that links some of my passions together, and this seems like a cool way to make it work.

In the time since I’ve last blogged we’ve seen a number of very interesting developments in the realm of hydraulic disc road brakes. I’ve been bookmarking and drafting some of that, so I’m aiming for an update on that front.



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