My Official Predictions for Apple’s iPhone Event on Tuesday

512 Pixels gets it just about right for me:

  • Apple will release something new that will be pretty good.
  • People will be disappointed, thanks to the insane rumor mill.
  • I will mark “All as read” in Google Reader after the event and order a new phone.

via 512 Pixels.

I’ve never had to bother with Mac rumor mill as much as in the run-up to the current iPhone product announcement. Truth is, I’ll buy WHATEVER the newest iPhone turns out to be (4S?, 5?) because I have no choice in it! My 3GS has been on borrowed times for a couple of months now – a very cracked screen that somehow has not continued to spread, yet still works; gobs of dust and gunk behind the glass (in large part from the replacement of the screen after cracking it two summers ago); and, the standard cracking on the black plastic case starting from the dock connector. While I’ve been qualified for months now for the subsidized upgrade to an iPhone 4, it seem stupid to pull the trigger until the newest revision comes along.

Thus, I’ve been a slave to the rumor mill, waiting for the “late summer” and then “early fall” predictions. Now my biggest fear is that the announcement will be made this week….but then the actual top-end phone (if Apple ends up doing a revised 4 AND and a new 4S) won’t be ready for purchase for another few weeks.


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