Crappy Magazines: US Edition

Was looking at cycling magazines a bit the other day (of which there are now like 6 road-oriented ones!) and thinking how glad I was not to subscribe to, or even buy, any of them. Seems like they are all kind of going for roughly the same thing, which is big glossy pics combined with Rapha-style hyperbolic descriptions of “suffering” and the truth-revealing nature of riding bikes. I think the world would be better served if most of them pooled resources and we only had 2 magazines in English. That way they could afford to send people to lots of races, take reasonable pictures and actually do some interesting reporting. I don’t really give a shit about a 4th-year US-based pro, which seems like who Asphalt and ROAD (I think?) seem to be able to interview.

Pretty much all I’m interested in these days with cycling is tech-related blog stuff and nice, simple pictorials of a “day at the races” like Procycling seems to do (again, because they actually have people in Europe writing this stuff). No frickin’ black and white stupid artsy shots of dudes racing their bikes. Just real documentation of the place and time:

Now that is real bike racing, with a real badass Belgian pro.


via PezCycling News.


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