Tenure & Procrastination

As you might guess, the veritable eruption of silly, trivial and generally useless talk of bike crap here on BB can only mean one thing: there is much more important work to be done. The important work – at least for those relying on my paycheck for food and shelter – is tenure and promotion, or T&P as we “in the biz” call it.

T&P time is, obviously, stressful. It’s the rare line of work where you are pretty much guaranteed employment by an institution for the rest of your career, provided you keep doing your job and do not do illegal things. But it’s also the rare line of work where you spend 7 or more years of post-grad work in training for a job in which you often stand no better than a .0075 chance of getting a position. And that buys you a ticket for 5 years on the tenure track. In your 6th year you are reviewed and tenured or denied. For most people, it is the former. However, there is just enough of the latter to keep everything stressed out of their minds. I’m looking forward to the former…but, now back to work!



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