Eurobike 2010: Hydraulic Road Disc Option

In their coverage of Eurobike, makes mention of the oddity that so few cyclocross manufacturers are showing disc-brake cross models (now that discs are UCI legal).

Or maybe no-one’s doing anything until one of the big manufacturers brings out a credible hydraulic system that works with STI-style units. There was a loose handful of bikes with little cable-to-hydraulic converter units zip-tied under the stem, a small company called Cleg made the tidy if agricultural box and we’d like to get a chance to throw one down a muddy slope to see how it feels. There were a few instances of ‘cross bikes using cable discs but as a gritty cable can make them perform worse than a set of cantilevers and almost as bad to set up whilst being heavier then they’re not overly popular.

Still seems odd to me that nobody has come up with a hyrdraulic “brifter” option yet; here is the “agricultural box” mentioned above:

Maybe I mentioned this before, but there did used to be a cable-actuated hydraulic disc option from RockShox. Similar idea as this, but the action was all down at the caliper. Still, they both seem goofy.




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