Hydraulic Road Disc Brakes: Focus Edition

So, I’m not really trying to make BB into a “hydraulic disc brakes on road bikes” advocacy blog….but this still seems to me like one of these “so obvious that nobody sees it coming” kind of shifts and moments. Above we see selected shots from the Focus 2011 MTB introduction, all of which illustrate the brilliance of hydro discs on modern road bikes. Hell, you could pretty much run the brake lines through the bars, into the stem and down to the calipers, all internally. And you wouldn’t really need to care about access because, at least for non-pro riders, hydraulic lines get set one time and pretty much don’t need to be touched for years.

Yes, I know you need a more reinforced/rigid fork to handle the braking torque of the disc system…but, jeez, everyone is switching to tapered steerer columns and it’s hard to imagine that the Fisher/Trek widened flange system won’t become an industry standard. Every road manufacturer in carbon is shifting toward an “everyday aero” model as well (like the S range from Cervelo), so a deeper fork blade (maybe with a little “door” of sorts to enclose the caliper) isn’t much of an issue.


all via Cyclingnews.com.

Michael Creed: Why I Never Doped

Of course there was temptation and huge temptation. I had a lot personally because I don’t see doping as a moral thing. I don’t see taking drugs as a moral flaw.“That sounds weird but I’ve seen guys who have really good morals do some bad stuff in cycling. And guys that don’t dope do some really bad things in life. So for me it wasn’t a moral thing. If I did it I wasn’t going to be a bad person.

Interesting interview with Creed over on CN. Only wish it were longer! This is pretty much my stance, and, I believe, the only way out of the “moral” morass of doping in cycling.


via Cyclingnews.com.