Music Update

Just received the new’ish Big Star box set, after selling my copy of the Little Richard “King of Rock and Roll” box set (on Rhino Handmade – and therefore 1 of only 2000 released) for $100 on Amazon! Not bad, considering I bought it for $50, three or four years ago.

The Big Star box set is really good so far, although no substitute for getting the three albums individually (and Chris Bell’s I Am the Cosmos). Hard to say much about Big Star that doesn’t just repeat the usual encomiums, but suffice it to say that there have probably been about 2, non-consecutive, years in which I listened to something by Big Star every single day.

The amazing highlight thus far comes from the fourth disc, which is a very high quality recording of a live show: they do a stunningly simple, power-pop cover of The Flying Burrito Brothers classic, “Hot Burrito #2” that demonstrates how perfect covers can be. You’ve got one of the finest power-pop ensembles EVER, playing what amounts to brit-pop filtered through Memphis, covering a seminal country-rock band’s song, resurrecting/highlighting the brit-pop song structures and roots of both bands.

I’ll see if there is some minimally legal way of loading and sharing the mp3 here….



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