Cycling Style: 09 TdF Edition

Was happy to see Velonews devote an article to Milram’s Focus bikes. Milram has been a style favorite of mine for some time now – very clean and linear kit, no goofy crotch-coloring bibs (like the new Cervelo kit), and equally clean bikes. Hard to argue with this:


(photo by Zack Vestal at Velonews)

The custom painted Lightweight wheels (with the white-tipped rims and white spokes) are probably the coolest things on these bikes. I only wish SRAM levers were a bit taller; too many guys end up running them low on the bars and they end up looking too small, in my view. Having now seen a number of people in a few different forums commenting on running tubulars with Stan’s, Vittoria, or other sealants, I have to admit to being a bit intrigued by using tubulars as everyday tires. The guys at Above Category mentioned injecting a flatted TUFO tire with sealant, pumping it up for a seal, and then intentionally poking and prodding it with wire, thorns, etc….and being unable to re-flat the tire.

Lightweight wheels are so nice that most racer folks would, in my opinion, be better served buying a basic aluminum frame, kitting it out with SRAM Rival, and then blowing huge bucks on those wheels. The semi-aero version is particularly beautiful – and imagine the following (Landshark carbon) with Milram styling:

Landshark Carbon White

(photo from

Landshark White Side

(photo from belgiumkneewarmers)


*Updated with new Landshark pic*


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