Southern Living: Fat Rebel Edition

Been busy blogging more recently….but on a separate blog I’m trying out for the summer course I’m teaching online.

In any event, couldn’t let this one go, particularly since I was just complaining about my fairly-steady-but-too-heavy weight last night:

fat rebels

This was apparently taken (credit to Staunton Newsleader, by the way) at a “solemn” ceremony at the big local cemetery to honor the Confederate soldiers buried there, for Memorial Day. Assuming the fidelity of their re-enactment, I’d have to say that the War Between the States was doomed from the start by coronary artery disease.


PS – Not to go on the usual white liberal tangent of dismissing the South and all that (seriously!), but does it not seem a bit odd to honor fallen soldiers on Memorial Day who….well, you know, actually took up arms against the UNITED States of America and were, to borrow a phrase, enemy combatants?!


Cycling Kit: French Edition

For whatever reason, got a bit carried away tonight looking over the world of French amateur clubs and racing. Mainly looking for cool kit – of which there is plenty on offer. Plenty of ugly stuff as well, of course. A current favorite is the recently-jumped-to-pro Bretagne-Schuller team, but I’ve also liked the Cotes d’Armor kit for a few years as well (for some good shots, check this out).

This gives a good feel for the Bretagne-Schuller kit, with a bonus shot of the venerable top-tier Vendee U club kit as well:


Another good kit shot, which also shows a guy who is, for my taste, looking just about perfect as a bad-ass bike racer:


I’ll keep looking, and posting.