Cool Bike: Zullo Edition


Ok, this probably gets the nod for favorite current bike out there for general road riding. Many different color schemes on offer, and some intriguing fork options as well.

I always loved Zullos when the TVM team of the late 80s to early 90s was riding them. Particularly Phil Anderson, a personal fave rider. Check out Zullo’s history page for more cool TVM shots.



High-End Cycling: Crisis Edition

Interesting NY Times blog entry on the challenges facing the high-end bike market in NYC (specifically, Cadence Cycling’s NYC franchise) now that high-finance douchebags don’t seem as keen on paying full freight for boutique bikes and wheels. Maybe they have wised up to the fact that you could grab an “$18k” bike slightly used by one of your comrades for…oh, about $4.5k. Just sayin’….