Cool House: Idaho Edition

via NY Times

Eventually I’ll get around to posting houses from sources other than the NY Times….but, for now, a cool simple (but likely expensive) house in Idaho.



Am I Right or Am I Right?!: Magazine Edition

Not to start this blog on too self-congratulatory a note….but, the NY Times has an article today about the significant shrinkage in magazine size over the past year. Skeptical readers might point out that anyone in America with a magazine subscription might have independently noticed this trend – to which I say: “You are correct. But that doesn’t mean I wasn’t right!”


Cool Bike: Sans F-Bomb

A few shots of my new ride, the “no-name” Origin8 29er. Started life as a low-end, but nice, steel 29er frame, but the prior owner (who apparently won the Michigan State Single Speed Championships on this rig) had it bead blasted and powder coated, along with the stem and fork. Fork is a Surly, stem is Salsa. Parts are mainly older Shimano XTR (952 era), but brand new XT dual-control levers with hydraulic discs and LX calipers. Thomson Elite post and hard-as-nails, ass-killer (but high-end!) Bontrager saddle. I’ve got some more hybrid-y tires in the basement, and those will probably go on soon for combo road/trail riding.

This bike was a steal – $500 shipped! (I had to buy the dual control levers and calipers….but I made that money back selling the original brakeset and shift pods) I need different bars and a longer stem, but can pick those up super cheap. I’d really, really like to try the new Titec/Jones J-Bar, but they haven’t been out long enough for the good deals to emerge.


Oddly Named Wallets

My buddy Yash over at japanesecyclocross seems to be a convert to the Jimi wallet . I’ve been intrigued, but experimented earlier with the All-Ett (the self-proclaimed “thinnest wallet in the world”). There were two basic problems with the All-Ett:

1. NOISE – the thing is made from “spinnaker” nylon, which is basically like Tyvek but shinier and a bit more rigid.

2. Holding stuff – the nylon is not rigid enough on its own to really hold its shape. I had the “original” model and, over time, it would sort of flop open once I got it out and was reaching for a card. Astute readers might be thinking, “Isn’t a wallet simply a piece of material designed to hold cards/money/receipts?” The answer, of course, is “yes” and thus the All-Ett, technically speaking, did not really function as a wallet.

So, basically with the All-Ett you sound like a complete tool reaching for your “wallet” and then, once you have everyone’s attention, many/most of your cards fall to the floor.

On the plus side, it is super light and super thin.

All-Ett has now added a number of new models to the line, and they also offer leather versions. I think this may be the crucial fix to the mk.1 problems…and perhaps will make mk. 2 the ultimate Jimi-killah. Actually, the Jimi is really doing something else entirely, so I think we would have the riding (jimi) wallet and the About Town (all-ett euro leather) wallet.