Magazine Mass & GDP Growth

The arrival of the most recent issue of Dwell in today’s mail confirmed the suspicions generated by last month’s Real Simple: magazines are really getting lighter these days! I mean seriously lighter. The paper is not thinner. The culprit? There just aren’t (m)any ads. Definitely a sign of recession – ad revenue plummets and so too do magazine pages. Those with a copy of Excel and a postal scale should start charting each month’s issues – then send me the data. This could compete with other pop social indicators like the hemline index and whatnot.



Getting This Party Started Right

After holding off for some time, I’ve decided to rededicate myself to the blog idea.  Not the blog itself, mind you: I never even got going on it before deciding I was tired of it already.  Anyway, this will at least make Yash happy, and maybe somebody else will read on occasion.  Ideally the blog would be updated about three times a week….but we’ll see how that goes. More than that – or even maybe at three times a week – may well mean scraping the bottom o’ the barrel of my mind. Time will tell.